Buzzards Bay 15

NAME: Fancy
DESIGNER: N.G. Herreshoff
YEAR: 1905
LOA: 24’6″
LWL: 15′
Sail Area: 330 sq ft
COMMENTS: Beverly Yacht Club members wanted a better way to conduct regattas than using a handicapping system and asked Nat Herreshoff to design a boat that could be raced as a fleet. The first 11 boats of the Buzzards Bay 15 class were delivered Marion, MA for the summer racing season of 1899. The Buzzards Bay 15 was the second of the Herreshoff one-designs, and became quite popular in the early part of the 20th century. They were known as the E-Class at the Beverly Yacht Club, and 91 boats were built by the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company between 1899 and 1927. These boats are thrilling sailors. They are fast, stiff, and responsive. The hull is slippery, and even at speed such little turbulence is created that the boat leaves virtually no wake. Even at 100+ years old, a 15-footer can give a modern go-fast machine a run for its money.
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