21′ Gaff Sloop, Isabella

Launched in 1999,  Isabella is the 4th  Bella Class sloop to be built by Gannon and Benjamin.

Bella Class Design

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LOA 21’       LWL 16′       BEAM: 7’2”       DRAFT: 3′.25″

Nat Benjamin designed Bella #1 in 1997 for a seasonal visitor in Vineyard Haven.
The goal was to create a boat with classic good looks, easily single-handed, simplicity of rig,
quick and responsive in the tight quarters of the mooring field, and safe and comfortable in the outer reaches of Vineyard Haven Harbor.

The 21’ Bella Class is a popular open boat daysailer with a small cuddy cabin, two
berths, and room for a picnic. It is a sailor’s boat—no engine, electronics or other gadgets—a pure and simple traditional watercraft for all ages to enjoy.

At 21’ on deck, 16’LWL, 7’2”beam and 39” of draft, the Bella is capable of handling the
choppy waters off Martha’s Vineyard. Her moderate displacement of 3,400 pounds, external lead ballast keel and firm bilge sections provide good stability in this well-balanced and nimble little vessel.

The roomy cockpit is comfortable for four to five adults, with cockpit seats set below desk
level, with steam bent white oak coamings easily supporting the lower back. The round cabin trunk with two oval port lights and cambered cabin top are pleasing to the eye and allow for useful space below. Her strong sheer, spoon bow and counter stern set off a timeless profile.

Isabella Details:

Sails: Downs Sails, purchased 5 years ago.
Trailer: Included
Cushions: Included
Boat Location:  Gannon and Benjamin Inc.  Vineyard Haven, MA.
Asking Price: $25,000.00*
*Offers considered

Please contact Gannon and Benjamin for further inquiry about purchasing Isabella.
phone: (508) 693-4658   email:   GandB@GannonAndBenjamin.com