We maintain a consistent supply of boatbuilding lumbers at our shop for both our use as well as for retail. The stock is a variety of species and sizes to fit most needs, and, as necessary, we can arrange imports from around the country and world to fit your project’s needs.

We have developed good working relationships with mills locally, domestically, as well as internationally in Surinam and the Far East.  Our suppliers specialize in working with the indigenous populations in each country to make sure that the wood is harvested in a sustainable fashion.

Imported woods available:

  • Angelique (Dicorynia guianensis)
  • Wana, Louro vermelho (Ocotea rubra)
  • Silverballi (Nectandra spp)
  • Purpleheart (the Peltogyne genus)
  • Yellowheart (Vatairea guianensis)
  • Spanish Cedar (Cedrela odorata, the mahogany family)
  • Teak (Tectona grandis)
  • Mahogany (a variety of species under the family)

These tropical hardwoods are durable, rot resistant and can be imported in sizes suitable for keels and back bone structures, trim, planking, and other uses.

Contact us for more information and cut-list arrangements.